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A custom fit is always the best fit, and 3BOSSES Marketing understands that no two clients, tenants or property assets are exactly alike!

Property Marketing

We tailor each promotion to your specific needs and recommend workable marketing solutions for each project.  As a result, you get favorable outcomes in both promotion and negotiation of residential, commercial and multi-family real estate.


We pride ourselves on always bringing pragmatic, non-nonsense ideas to the table, knowing how to leverage winning promotions and campaigns that optimize value for our clients when looking for cost reduction strategies, up-to-the-minute technologies, top vendors, industry connections, and well-suited adaptations for all your marketing needs.


The principals at 3BOSSES Marketing have a breadth of experience in the real estate field and welcome the opportunity to best position and promote your property listings! 

Property Gallery

We give each property marketing project it's own special minutiae! From the time we step onto a property, or place, we pay attention to the scents, motions, ambiance, architecture, detail, technologies, amenities, colors, style, and all unique features highlighting these based on the goal of the project, and of course the budget!



We custom fit branding services to meet your here and now needs, along with your future outlook, while strategically and stylistically brining the pieces of the puzzle together to form a seamless, winning whole.

From start to finish, from inspiration to execution, we are here to be a growth partner and key contributor as we advise and assist on your marketing initiatives.

In business, the adage for success is 'visibility, visibility, visibility!' We help you nurture positive relationships with clients and prospects, while also helping build strategic alliances for quick and sustainable growth.

We have the depth of creative ideation to enrich your image and bolster your voice of expertise by providing high quality writing for all marketing and trade lines.

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